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Welcome to our resources section, where you will soon be able to access many of the images, files and recordings that a wide number of people have assembled to help uncover Truro's past.

'Digging Deeper' is where you will be able to see the past come alive. Visit again soon to find some of the new resources that we will be updating as we discover more about local history.

Oral History for the future

Here's just a couple of samples.

The Lemon Quay Truro Uncovered Exhibition has a listening section devoted to the hard work and contributions of volunteers, students, and interviewees; where you can listen to the accounts of how Truro was in the past.

Click below to listen to Marion Hardy describing the living conditions of her childhood.

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Click below to listen to Colin Brown on Community Spirit.

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The Oral History aspect of the website will continue to develop, with many more first-hand recorded examples from this wonderful collection of real memories, in the words of the people who bring our history alive.
Truro Uncovered has been created with the help of lots of people, and will continue to develop. We want to provide resources to make Truro's history interesting, accessible and enjoyable for everyone - please re-visit the site soon to see how we have progressed.

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Other resources that we will soon have on offer including downloadable fact-files on a variety of subjects.