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Truro's past

Truro's past has a lot of influence on the city's future. Finding out about history has brought knowledge and entertainment in many forms - just check out this elephant (inspired by the research of the project) in the 2009 City of Light parade in Truro.

Oral History for the Future...
The Lemon Quay Truro Uncovered Exhibition has a listening section devoted to the hard work and contributions of volunteers, students, and interviewees; where you can listen to the accounts of how Truro was in the past.

The website will be growing and updating, with many more recorded examples from this wonderful collection of real memories, in the words of the people who bring our history alive.

The project has already helped to inspire the successful "Build-Up" exhibition at the Lander Gallery. David Meads, Chairman of the 'Combined Truro Schools Arts Events’, commented that " All the pupils who have had the chance of taking part in the varied workshops that are on offer come back buzzing. They gain much from meeting pupils from other schools doing things they would never have a chance of doing, seeing other schools and producing work they are proud of. Pupils learn to work as a team gaining self-confidence and sometimes finding their hidden talent or passion. The exhibition has always been a success and I feel is growing from strength to strength as teachers and pupils alike grow in confidence and learn from each other. It is a fantastic opportunity for year 8 pupils to see their work hanging in a gallery and also singing, dancing, or playing an instrument at a private view."

The "Build-Up" exhibition will now be a part of the Truro Uncovered exhibition on Lemon Quay.

The image on the right depicts creative Pupils at the Lander Gallery Build-Up exhibition.
Lander Gallery

Truro Uncovered

Truro Uncovered has been created with the help of lots people, and will continue to develop. We want to provide resources to make Truro's history interesting, accessible and enjoyable for everyone - please re-visit the site soon to see how we have progressed.

The image to the right depicts students from the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus have taken part in building the project resources, activities and presentations.
UOE students