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Smelly, Noisy, and Dirty - that was Truro once.

Middle Row was the main street of Truro in the past, but is now long gone. The row of buildings ran down the middle of Boscawen Street, beginning at Market House at King Street and continuing to the Town Prison in front of the Coinage Hall. Truro Borough owned most of the properties, which housed such traders as a Saddler, a Barker (for leather tanning), a Shoemaker and a Cooper. It would have been a smelly, dirty and noisy place. Pupils involved the the Combined Truro Schools Arts Events group made a recording of how it might have sounded, click on the icon below - and a fantastic model of how it might have looked, see the picture to the right.

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Glamorous Truro!

In Georgian times the centre of the social life in Truro was the beautiful Assembly Rooms built in 1780 in the High Cross, that held splendid balls once a month. At the height of its grandeur, the Assembly Rooms would be the back drop for young men and women to dance and socialise together in their fine fashions until a late hour.


Model Row